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What is Grafter?

Grafter is an online service that helps business easily find, hire, manage and pay for temporary staff and labour. Whether its for a specific project, seasonal jobs or just to fill a short-term staffing shortage, Grafter can help.

How Grafter Works

Grafter provides a database of readily available workers and a process for engaging them. It helps with the whole process from search through to payment. It has a rating and review system which helps you select people with a good track record. This allows feedback on the worker, encouraging them to turn-up on time, do a good job, and get a good review!

Reducing Staff Costs

Unlike traditional temporary staffing agencies, Grafter is not an expensive intermediary. It is a ‘software as a service’ platform. Businesses hire Grafters directly, cutting out the expensive agency. We only charge a small platform fee for the services provided. See the options below for more details.

Industries Supported

Grafter uses 6 categories of work to help match businesses with workers. However, most workers on the platform are prepared to turn their hand to any tasks (it is a positive work attitude that defines a Grafter, not specific skills) so pick the closest match, provide details in the job description and you will find the people your need.

Solution Options

Any size of business can use Grafter with three different solution options depending on your business needs.

The most basic ‘self-service’ solution is accessible directly online.  This doesn’t require any up-front commitment, you can start hiring workers today.

For businesses with greater resourcing requirements, the Enterprise solution (coming soon) provides a more cost-effective option. If however you have specific solution requirements, we can provide bespoke development and integration solutions.

More information on these options can be found below…

Solution Options


The ‘self-service’ option is a simple ‘pay as you go’ online solution, designed for a single user within a business. It is ideal for SMEs and sole traders.

Larger business can also use this product. They will need a single nominated representative to manage the process with a registered payment card.

This solution provides a management dashboard but with basic transaction reporting. This includes receipts both for the worker and platform fees.

Rather than paying a staffing agency 20% or more, Grafter only charges a small platform fee, currently 7.5% (+ VAT) for using the service. This includes all payment transaction costs.


The enterprise solution (coming soon) provides a greater range of options to manage a higher volume of Grafters with multiple business users.

This solution will support additional payment mechanisms for businesses including multiple users and the option to process payments through payroll.

The Enterprise solution also provides better functionality, including enhanced reporting with a single interface to access all engagements and transactions.

The enterprise solution is subscription based and will offer better value for businesses processing a higher volume of transactions. For more information please contact us from below.


Grafter is a ‘software as a service’ platform with a database of potential workers at its core.

In addition to web and app user experience, there is a set of software interfaces and services which can be made available or extended for your bespoke development requirements.

We can also provide ‘white-labeled’ solutions for potential partners who wish to employ Grafter within the context of their own brand, e.g. intranet solutions or a trade publication.

If your business needs a specific software solution or integration, please contact us below and we will be happy to discuss potential solutions.

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