Pay workers easily under CIS

If you are hiring labour under the ‘Construction Industry Scheme’ (CIS) Grafter can help. When you set up a job select the CIS option and the job details will show that payment will be made under CIS.

For any workers you hire Grafter will check their CIS status with HMRC and automatically show the correct tax calculation on their invoices.  Your payments will then be set-up automatically for the correct amount and you get monthly reports of CIS due.

  • Set-up your account as CIS registered
  • Jobs are automatically posted with CIS details
  • Collects NI number and UTR from workers
  • Looks-up worker CIS rate with HMRC
  • Prepares invoices with the correct CIS tax
  • Payment automatically includes CIS deduction
  • Monthly report on CIS tax due for payment