How it works

Post a job and view available local workers
‘Chat’ online to pick the best candidate
Confirm details with an online agreement
Pay easily with the cashless payments system

Find local labourers for your construction projects for free

We have thousands of grafters across the UK. They are readily available for labouring and other hands-on work on building sites. Some may have skills you could use, while others are just prepared to turn their hand to whatever needs to get done.

Review profiles and pick the labourers that suit your needs. Grafter provides businesses with a flexible solution when workers are wanted. By using Grafter you can avoid expensive recruitment fees.

Grafters get reviewed by past employers, including a star rating. This gives you a view of performance to help choose those with a good track record. It also keeps them keen on your job – so you give them a good review.

The Grafter platform provides the functionality required to easily manage all your short-term and project staff engagement, from booking through to easy one-click cashless payments. All in an easy-to-use dashboard.


  • Free, quick and easy online service
  • Avoid expensive agencies and intermediaries
  • Immediate access to available grafters
  • Messaging, email and alerts to keep jobs on track
  • Manage projects easily in your dashboard
  • Legal and financial support services available
  • Use the contracts and cashless payment to lower risk

Find Local Labourers…

Select a type of work and Enter a postcode to check how many Grafters are in your area and start a search

Key Features

Temp Worker App

Free online service to find and hire workers. Option to pay using the platform using our ‘one-click’ cashless payments system. Avoids inconvenient cash transactions. Supports multiple payments on bigger jobs.

Find Temp Staff

Free access to a database of labourers in your area who are readily available for work. Submit a project and potential candidates appear in your inbox. Review profiles and pick the best ones for your job.

Worker Reviews

Star ratings and written reviews from past jobs gives you a view of a workers record before you hire them. Using the platform gives you the opportunity to write a review about your workers after the job, which helps to keep them keen.

Manage Temp Staff Platform

A standard work agreement sets out key terms of the job up-front. Makes sure temporary staff are committed to the work. Helps to avoid any disagreement later on. You can manage all your engagements in our easy to use dashboard.

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