Finding Temp Work with Grafter is Simple

Grafter is an easy to use online service. It connects businesses with people looking for temp work, seasonal, part-time and other short-term jobs.

We have work across a range of industries across the UK, everything from building site labouring to fruit picking. Most Grafter roles are not about skill and experience but a willingness to get stuck in and get the job done.

Grafter provides an easy to use website and phone app to manage all your jobs in one place, from getting hired to getting paid. Grafter emails your relevant job opportunities and reminders so you always know what is going on.

Grafter Multi Device

Sign-up to Get Started

To get started set-up your profile and temp jobs matching your details will be sent to your inbox.
There are just 5 simple steps to follow…

Complete your profile
Reply if available
Accept work offers
Get paid via the app
Feedback on client


  • Sign-up just with an email and a password
  • Create a profile, including relevant experience
  • Jobs in your area will be sent to your inbox
  • Respond and apply for temp jobs easily online
  • Use online agreement to confirm work details
  • Get paid easily and fairly though our platform


  • Work when you like – be your own boss!
  • A variety of different jobs across industries
  • Local jobs will get emailed straight to you
  • Details are agreed up-front, including rates
  • Easy to manage your jobs and clients online
  • Online payments go straight into your bank


  • Build an interesting work life across  industries
  • Flexibility to mix work in with other interests
  • Only accept jobs at a rate you are happy with
  • No fees, you receive 100% of the amount agreed
  • Agreement help avoid confusion or conflict
  • Clients payment cards validated before the jobs