Find work, earn money and get extra benefits with Gratfer

Sign-up with your work preferences and matching job opportunities will be sent to you. Earn money and get extra benefits, from insurance to everyday savings, when you are paid more than £500 a month.

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Grafter Benefits

By working with Grafter, not only can you earn extra money, but you can get access to free benefits. From insurance and health support, through to everyday vouchers and savings.  


If you earn over £500 a month

  • Accident pay
  • Family and compassionate leave
  • Critical injury cover
  • All kinds of everyday savings


If you earn over £1,000 a month

  • All of Bronze
  • Plus Digital GP
  • Mental health support
  • Increased accident pay


If you earn over £2,000 a month

  • All Bronze and Silver
  • Plus sick pay too!

To find out more visit out FAQ page here

Build a CV easily with Grafter

This easy-to-use tool helps you easily build a great CV with all your skills, experience and qualifications. You can then apply for jobs with a single button click.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find work with Grafter?

Finding work with Grafter is easy – set-up a short profile with your work criteria (takes 10 minutes) and Grafter will send you jobs in your area that fit your requirements. For more information see: Finding Work & Getting Paid With Grafter

How can I win more work?

The better your profile looks the more work you will get. For example, make sure you have a good profile photo and get as many references form past bosses as you can.

Which industries does Grafter cover?

Employers post lots of different jobs, from building site and factory jobs office and retail work. You won’t get bored with the variety of job opportunities on Grafter!

What does it cost to join and use?

Grafter is completely free for workers. We only charge employers a small fee if they use the services to help with the admin.