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Find temp work across business and industry

High staff turnover, sickness and busy periods mean businesses sometimes need short-term temp staff. Grafter is the perfect platform for businesses to find grafters like you. Duties could include anything from helping to clear out a store room in an office through to industry work on a production line in a factory.

Often our clients need help for their small businesses on a local trading estate, simply helping out during a busy period. We have even had jobs handling customer phone calls for businesses. If you are looking to find temp work and local short-term work then create a grafter profile today.

Similarly, if you are looking for warehouse work, have experience or are interested in working in a warehouse, factory or a light industry environment – be sure to add this to your profile. You will then receive relevant job opportunities sent straight to your inbox.

Benefits of Grafter

  • Set-up your preferred job requirements and rate
  • Job opportunities come straight to your inbox
  • Choose when you work – be your own boss!
  • Online agreement minimises risk of disagreement
  • Free for Grafters, you receive 100% of money agreed
  • Cashless payments into your bank account
  • No middle man, work directly for the employer

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