Types of work


Building & Construction

Such as labouring work on a building site


Farming & Outdoor

Any outdoor work including farming and forestry


Landscaping & Gardening

Commercial gardening and landscaping work


Driving & Delivery

Any driving, delivery and jobs on the road


Industry & Warehouse

Work in factories, light industry or warehouses


Leisure & Events

Any work at events, festivals, sports hospitality

Find a Grafter

Search for Grafters

Access to a database of Grafters in your area. View profiles and choose a list of candidates. Add your project with specific dates or keep the dates flexible

Check Grafter availability

Check to see if Grafters in your local area are available for work

Offer work

If your chosen Grafters are available you can offer the work, and get started on your project on the agreed start date

Pay using the Grafter platform

Pay your Grafter directly or use our cashless payment system that enables you to find, talk and pay Grafters all in one place

Rate and review Grafter/s

When the work is complete, you can rate and review your Grafters profile. Ratings and reviews maintain a high quality work standard

Become a Grafter

Create your profile

Access to a range of different work opportunities in your area for free. Simply create your profile and wait for work offers.

Respond to work offers

Check your availability, ask questions about the projects, discuss payment rates and requirements before any work begins

Accept work

Ability to choose when and where you want to work. Take charge of your time and work schedule

Get paid via the Grafter platform

Secure, pre-authorised payments straight into your bank account once work is complete. No invoicing or awkward conversations about money

Give feedback on client/s

Review your clients and help to maintain a high quality work standard