How it works

Workers complete a profile
Workers complete a simple online profile to quickly and easily apply for jobs
Employers post job details
and engage available worker to discuss and book the job. Completely Free!
Manage job with Grafter
For a small fee Grafter can help manage the job, taking care of the contract and payment hassle

Grafter the free service where employers and workers connect

Grafter is a free and easy to use online worker network, where employers and workers can meet and engage on short term and temporary jobs for free.

With over 15,000 registered workers on Grafter, employers can quickly find the local workers they need. Complete a postcode search, browse available worker profiles and discuss the job using the online ‘chat’ to hire them – completely Free!

If you are looking for work it takes a few minutes to register and receive job alerts. You can then use our ‘profile builder’ to add your skills, qualifications, experience and references. 

The more details you add, the better your chance of finding work. You can easily apply for jobs posted on Grafter, with the click of a button. Or you can send your profile to employers outside of Grafter to apply for other jobs.

Optionally, employers can use Grafter to help manage the job, with easy-to-use online contracts and payments – protecting both employer and worker. This also allows the employer to post a review of the worker to help them improve their profile, or feeding back if they do a poor job! Using Grafter to manage jobs also means our team will be on hand to help with any issues.

For employers:

  • Browse and find workers easily online
  • Read reviews and pick the best workers
  • Grafter can help manage the engagement
  • Grafter’s support team on hand to help

For workers:

  • Develop an online profile (CV)
  • Easily apply for work near you
  • Manage your work opportunities
  • Make sure you get paid fairly

Find workers

Enter a postcode to see how many workers are in your area. Then post a job and browse profiles to find the right person for your job. Engage and hire people directly yourself for free, or use Grafter to help manage the process.

Find work with Grafter

It takes a few minutes to set-up a brief profile then Grafter will email alerts for local jobs. You can respond to work opportunities with just a click of a button. Grafter can help manage the process and make sure you get paid fairly.

Become a Grafter


How do I find workers with Grafter?
Set-up a job in 5 minutes. The app shows workers meeting your criteria. You can review their profiles, message them to discuss the job and hire the best person.
How do I find work with Grafter?
Finding work with Grafter is easy – set-up a short profile with your work criteria (takes 10 minutes) and Grafter will send you jobs in your area that fit your requirements.
Can I hire permanent staff with Grafter?

Yes, using Grafter is a great way to test a worker before you commit to a long-term role. Use Grafter to hire and pay them for a few weeks. If they are good, then bring them on to your books.

What does it cost?
Grafter is completely free for workers and for employers to find and hire people. If the employer wants to manage the legal and payment elements on the platform, including the support of our team, we charge a small fee of 7.5%

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