Grafter – a simple five stage process for hiring workers


We have designed Grafter to simplify the process of finding, hiring and paying people for short term jobs.

Grafter also taking care of the legal and financial aspects and helps you to remain secure and compliant.

There are five easy stages to the process (desktop version shown)…

Step one – set-up a job

Follow the four quick steps to set-up a job. The job details will be sent to relevant people in our database of over 20,000 registered grafters.

The job will also be posted to our job-board partners. This attracts the widest choice of people. All applicants submit the same profile format for easy comparison.

While we usually have people immediately available, the longer you allow before the start date the better your choice will be, as more people will reply.

If you need more than one person you can easily ‘Duplicate’ the job to hire multiple people.

Step two – view available grafters

Available grafters will show in your job page as they respond to your job. Normally you will get a response within the hour.

You can review the grafter’s profiles, previous job reviews and message them, by clicking on their speech bubble, to pick the best grafter for your job.

If you like, you can set-up a call discuss the details of the work and their experience, but make sure you still book the work online to benefit from the support Grafter provides.

Step three – hire the best grafter

Click ‘Make Offer’ to offer the work to the best grafter.

The grafter ‘Accepts’ the offer to form a Work Agreement, as documented in the job spec and any related chat messages.

If not already in place, client and grafter set-up payment details. This shows the client is ready to pay and ID checks the grafter. No money is taken until after the work is complete.

The grafter is now booked for the job. They will be insured from the start date until payment is made.

pay temp workers easily

Step four – enter time to pay

The client pays the grafter once the job is complete, or at regular intervals as agreed with the grafter, by submitting the time they have worked.

This triggers a ‘Faster Payment’ which, subject to security checks, will be with the grafter within a couple of hours.

After payment is made the client can rate & review the grafter. This not only helps to keep them keen on the job, but also helps them find more work if they have done a good job.

Step five – hire again

If the client is paying on a regular basis (e.g weekly), or wishes to hire the Grafter again, they can click ‘New Phase’ to set-up another period of work.

This quickly set’s up a new job, with the same grafter, for the next phase of work. It also allows the job to be updated with any new details, if required.

The grafter then ‘Accepts’ the offer to be booked. They will have a new Work Agreement and insurance for the new phase of work.

This simple process can be repeated until the grafter is no longer required.

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