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Finding and hiring Handymen is simple, safe and secure with Grafter​

Grafters will turn their hand to any job you need doing. They often have a range of skills and experience which make them great handymen. Whether it is helping to clear out a room, complete some basic repair work or add an extra pair of hands to your team, Grafters can be there to help. All managed in the app, Grafter takes the hassle, cost and paperwork out of hiring a local handyman.

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Benefits for Business

  • Find self-employed labour quickly & easily
  • No upfront fees, only pay for completed work 
  • Avoid disagreement with online contract
  • Easy re-hiring for ongoing work
  • CIS tax look-up and rate calculations provided
  • Tools to help manage the engagement
  • ID and tax status checks completed
  • Simple, secure online worker payments
  • Worker invoices provided, including CIS
  • Reviews ensure workers do a good job

Quick Search

Access to a database of workers and labourers in your area. Post a job and candidates who are available for work appear in your inbox.


View of a workers track record before you hire them. Write a review about your workers after the job to help keep them keen.


Standard work agreement make sure key terms of the job are agreed and that Grafters are committed to the job. Helps to avoid disagreement.


Pay safely and securely using the platform using our ‘one-click’ cashless payments system. Avoids risk and hassle of cash transactions.

Working with all types of Grafters

Grafters can fill a range of jobs for you from labouring on building sites through
to warehouse work or landscaping.

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