How to find people with Grafter

Search by postcode and view local workers
‘Chat’ online to pick the best candidate
Option to use an online agreement
Pay with the cashless payments system

Find temporary staff and short-term workers easily with our free search

Finding short-term and temp staff is quick and easy with Grafter. Our network with thousands of workers makes finding temporary or project staff much quicker and easier.

You can use Grafter to find workers in your area for free – hire and pay them directly yourself, or for a small fee (7.5%) you can use the platform to manage the job more efficiently and securely.

Using the platform to manage the job includes an easy online work agreement, reminder emails and secure payments (verifying worker’s ID). You can review workers to keep them keen and our team will be on hand to help with any problems.


  • Browse profiles and find workers for free
  • Jobs sent to network and posted on job boards
  • Workers are self-employed and manage own tax
  • Grafter can helps with legal and financial admin
  • Review system helps keep workers keen
  • One-click, secure cashless payments
  • Receive receipts and track payments
  • Grafter support team on hand to help

Find Local Workers…

To see how many Grafters are in your area select a category and enter a postcode. Click ‘Continue’ to set-up the job and check availability of workers in the area.


1. Select Type of Work
2. Enter Work Location

Select a type of work and Enter a postcode to check how many Grafters are in your area and start a search

Example types of work…

Grafters are prepared to turn their hand to all sorts of  jobs. We have help people fill roles from Florists and Crepe Chefs to Yard Hand and Building Labourers. Here are some of the main categories of jobs we see on the service. Click the images to find out more.

Find local workers now

Enter a postcode to start a search for workers in your area



How do I find staff with Grafter?
Set-up a job in 5 minutes. The app shows workers meeting your criteria. You can review their profiles, message them to discuss the job and hire the best person.
Can I hire permanent staff with Grafter?

Yes, using Grafter is a great way to test a worker before you commit to a long-term role. Use Grafter to hire and pay them for a few weeks. If they are good, then bring them on to your books.

What does it cost?
Grafter is completely free for workers and for employers to find and hire people. If the employer wants to manage the legal and payment elements on the platform, including the support of our team, we charge a small fee of 7.5%
How do I pay workers?

You can chose to pay workers directly (make sure you cover all the legal and financial paperwork), or for a small fee, Grafter can help with the admin and any support you need.


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