Find and hire workers quickly and easily

Finding workers and labourers for short-term jobs is simple, safe and secure with Grafter. Grafter takes the hassle and cost out of hiring, taking care of the ‘paperwork’, leaving you to focus on more important matters.

Grafter has a network of available workers across the UK, ready to start on your job. We have already helped with over 15,000 short-term jobs. Simply complete a short form to set-up a job and you will get a list of available people almost immediately. Each ‘Grafter’ has a profile and reviews, and you can use our online ‘chat’, to pick the best person for your job.

Hire with a click of a button to complete an online contract. All job details documented and agreed up-front. You only pay for the actual work completed by submitting the time at the end of the week or end of the job.

post a job to see who’s available
review profiles and pick the best
set-up online agreement
get the job done and pay easily online

To find out more about how Grafter works see ‘How it Works’

Hire a Grafter Now

Customer feedback

Check availability

To see how many grafters are registered in your area, select a ‘Type of Work’ and enter a Postcode.

Then to view profiles, click ‘Continue’ to set-up a job. You can view the details of grafters who are available and happy to do the job.

1. Select Type of Work

2. Enter Work Location

Select a type of work and Enter a postcode to check how many Grafters are in your area, then start a search.

Benefits of using Grafter

  • Find temporary workers quickly & easily
  • Agree work and fee with a simple online contract
  • Only pay for work after job is complete
  • No hidden mark-up, transparent low fees – only 10%
  • Manage projects easily in your dashboard
  • Hire multiple people for a job easily
  • Grafter’s ID fully verified with bank details
  • Immediate, secure cashless payments
  • Submit a Review to keep workers keen
  • Our support team on-hand to help

Hire a Grafter Now

Example industries

Our temp workers are prepared to turn their hand to all sorts of jobs. We have helped small business fill all kind of temp worker and short-term staff positions. From florists and crepe chefs to yard hand and building labourers. Here are some of categories grafters can help with. Click the images to find out more.


How do I find workers with Grafter?

Set-up a job, with a few basic details (takes 2 minutes) and available Grafters will appear in your dashboard. You can chat to them securely online. Then you book, pay, review and receive invoices online. For more information click: Hiring & Paying People With Grafter

What does it cost to hire with Grafter?

Grafter is completely free for workers. We only charge clients a small commission to cover running the platform and service, including covering all the transactions costs. This is currently only 10%. There isn’t any VAT on the Grafters payment, but we have to add VAT to the platform fee.

Our fees are completely transparent, unlike agencies who hide their fees in an overall higher day rate, and sometimes get away with as much as double in the hidden mark-up! For more information see: Platform Fees


Why is it best to use Grafter to manage the workers?

Grafter is the most secure way to find and hire temp workers online. All conversations are secure and recorded, without having to give-out your contact details. You get a work agreement with details agreed and document up-front, to help avoid any disagreement later. Worker ID is verified so they are traceable through their bank details. Payment is cashless and secure.  You also get to review workers to keep them keen, or to post an honest review if they don’t do a good job. Finally our team is on hand to help with any issues.

Who is responsible for PAYE / Income Tax?

By joining the service all grafters self-certify as self-employed. This means the grafters are responsible for their own tax reporting and payments.

The exception is if you are a ‘Construction Industry Scheme’ (CIS) registered employer, see our CIS help article here

Hire a Grafter Now

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