How it works

Post a job and view available local workers
‘Chat’ online to pick the best candidate
Confirm details with an online agreement
Pay easily with the cashless payments system

Free access to a database of readily available workers in your area

Finding short-term workers is not always easy but this is where Grafter can help. The Grafter network of over 15,000 workers makes finding short-term and project staff mush easier and more efficient.

You can use the platform to find workers in your area for free – hire and pay them directly yourself. Or for a small fee (7.5% of the rate) you can use the platform to set-up a work contract, make low-risk cashless payments and review workers after the job – to keep them keen! If you use the platform, the Grafter team will also be on hand to help with any problems.


  • Jobs posted to local workers and on Google
  • Browse profiles and find workers for free
  • Optional helps with legal and financial admin
  • One-click cashless payment option
  • Receive receipts and track payments
  • Grafter support team on hand to help

Find Local Workers…

Select a type of work and enter a postcode to check how many Grafters are in your area and start a search.

1. Select Type of Work
2. Enter Work Location

Select a type of work and Enter a postcode to check how many Grafters are in your area and start a search

Relevant Industries…

Grafters are prepared to turn their hand to most jobs, but here are the main the industries that use the service.

Find local workers now

Enter a postcode to find workers in your area



How do I find workers with Grafter?
Set-up a job in 5 minutes. The app shows workers meeting your criteria. You can review their profiles, message them to discuss the job and hire the best person.
Can I hire permanent staff with Grafter?

Yes, using Grafter is a great way to test a worker before you commit to a long-term role. Use Grafter to hire and pay them for a few weeks. If they are good, then bring them on to your books.

What does it cost?
Grafter is completely free. We only charge employers a small fee (7.5% of grafter fee) for help with the admin (reminders, contract, payments, invoices etc) includes support with any problems from our team.
How do I pay workers?

You can chose to pay workers directly (make sure you cover all the legal and financial paperwork), or for a small fee, Grafter can help with the admin and any support you need.


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