Find workers quickly and easily with Grafter

Access to readily available workers in your area. To find workers, submit a job and suitable candidates appear in your dashboard. You can review profiles, contact grafters directly and pick the best people for your job.

  • Browse and find workers
  • Read reviews from past jobs and pick ‘star’ workers
  • Manage workers easily with the platform
  • One-click cashless payment system
  • Receive receipts and track payments
  • Grafter support team on hand to help
Temp worker app


1. Select Type of Work
2. Enter Work Location
Select a type of work and Enter a postcode to check how many Grafters are in your area and start a search


Find Temp Staff

Access to readily available workers in your area. Submit a project and candidates appear in your inbox. You can review profiles, contact grafters directly and pick the best people for your job.

Manage Temp Staff Platform

A standard work agreement sets out key terms of the job. Ensures workers are committed and avoids disagreement later on.  All managed in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Worker Reviews

Easily access worker profiles to view experience, skills, qualifications, star ratings and written reviews. Use the ‘chat’ service to engage and make sure they are right for the job.

Temp Worker App

Online cashless payments with digital invoices and receipts. Avoid inconvenient cash transactions and awkward payment conversations and keep track of your costs easily.


  • Enter postcode and industry to start a search
  • Set-up an email and a password for logging in
  • Available workers appear in your dashboard
  • Pay £10 search fee to contact Grafters
  • Review, message and select the best Grafters
  • Manage jobs and workers in your dashboard
  • Pay, rate and review workers using the platform
  • Access a database of workers for your jobs
  • Refine your search by ‘must have’ requirements
  • Easy management of candidates in a dashboard
  • Minimise risk of conflict with an online agreement
  • Messaging, email and alerts to keep jobs on track
  • Easy ‘one-click’ online cashless payment system
  • Review systems to help to improve Grafter quality
  • Quick and easy with workers at your fingertips
  • Cost-effective solution for finding local workers
  • Manage all your workers in one place
  • Avoid the risk and awkwardness of paying cash
  • Avoid expensive agencies
  • Keep a digital record of all transactions
  • Help people to find work and develop their skills

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