Efficient Temp Staff

How Temp Staff can Help at Christmas

Do you need temp staff for Christmas? It’s no secret that Christmas keeps us all busy. The last thing we need in the month of December is more work to keep us from our family and friend commitments. The reality is that Christmas isn't getting any quieter for business and the need for extra facilities is higher than ever.

The effect of Christmas on the job market

But what happens when you need more hands on deck, but not more employees? You need to connect with available temp for Christmas. Christmas impacts the job market in several ways as recruitment processes change throughout the seasons. There are a number of factors during the Christmas period that can contribute to changes in the market including:

How to hire temp staff for Christmas

Often, when it comes to temporary staff, you don’t know you need them until you need them! When the time comes to recruit a temporary team, you need to ensure you are tapping into a workforce that you trust and who you can rely on to get the job done, while not paying increasingly high agency fees. Our new digital solution makes it easier than ever to connect with a temporary workforce, who are reviewed, rated and ready to get started. Simply sign up on our new website here.

What impact to temp staff have on business?

There has been a lot of press about temporary workforces and the gig to gig economy recently but did you know, that temporary workers have a positive impact on productivity, worker retention and quality of work? Temp staff also impact business in other ways, for example, a flurry of new minds will bring with it new ideas about the business and fresh perspectives on company procedures. Many Grafters and temp workers have specialist skill sets that they can bring to a site with them, from students with an interest in the industry to mature Grafters with years of experience. The temp worker is a valued part of a business and can make a huge impact on teams over the Christmas period.