Qualities employers look for

What qualities are employers looking for?

Looking for work can be stressful and is rarely fun. Few people naturally take note of their strengths, skills and valuable experience until they have to apply for a job or write their CV. On top of that, it’s not always clear from a job description exactly what the employer or business wants. You don’t want to bore them with information that's irrelevant. But at the same time, you don’t want to sell yourself short. Here are six qualities that employers across almost every industry are looking for.


Reliability is an extremely important trait that’s important for all grafters, no matter what the job is. If an employer can’t rely on you to arrive to a job on time they won’t view you as a quality grafter, and definitely won’t choose to hire you again. Make a good impression with your employer by making sure to arrive to jobs on time – or even ten minutes early just in case. By doing this, you can ensure that your employer knows that you’re committed to the task at hand.


Employers want workers who can communicate, which includes listening as well as speaking. If you experience a problem with a particular job, your employer will want to know about it. They won’t want someone who fails to mention an issue that could potentially develop into a sticky situation later on. A grafter also needs to be someone who can listen attentively to their employer. If you don’t focus on what your employer is saying when they’re giving you instructions, they’ll grow frustrated when you haven’t completed the job as they asked. Communication is a two-way street; if you take the time to listen carefully to your employer, they will do the same with you.


Most jobs involve working as part of a team. Therefore, it’s essential that you show your employer that you’re a great team player. Employers want to hire someone who will get along with their fellow grafters and work together to complete a task to the highest standard possible. Listen to the people you’re working with, be friendly and look for any opportunities to give a teammate a helping hand. Remember – teamwork makes the dream work! Many hands make light work… the most likely reason that an employer is hiring in the first place.


Employers value a grafter who can spot an issue and act accordingly. While it’s important to communicate with your employer if you encounter a problem, this isn’t to say that you can’t have a go at solving it yourself. Your employer doesn’t need to know about every little hiccup that crops up on the job and they shouldn’t have to tell you to do something that should appear obvious. By taking the initiative, your employer can see that you’re capable of identifying and solving a problem independently. What’s more, the process of making your boss aware of the problem becomes a far more positive task when you can showcase your brilliant problem solving skills.

Willingness to learn

While you may be experienced in the various types of work available through Grafter, no one knows everything. It’s important to be open to learning different ways of working and developing new skills. You could complete additional qualifications to boost your Grafter profile, or even have your colleague teach you how to use a technique you’re not familiar with.  There’s even some recommended training courses on Grafter that can help you progress your career. Expanding your expertise will make you a better grafter and impress prospective employers.


Here at Grafter, we want to provide employers with people who stay true to our brand name. By this, we mean those who will put in hard graft to ensure that a task is completed to a high standard. A paying employer doesn’t want someone who will merely do the bare minimum, or someone who won’t strive to achieve the best result. A good grafter will work to the best of their ability and won’t give up as soon as they’re presented with a problem. Embrace opportunities to show your employer that you’re determined to do a good job, no matter what obstacles you’re faced with along the way.

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