Summer holiday work

The easy way to find summer holiday work

If you are a student in need of work over the summer, then Grafter is perfect for you. Grafter is an easy to use online service for finding short-term casual work such as summer holiday and seasonal work. If you need some work and cash to pay off debts or to top-up your student finances, look no further!

From May onwards employers start to look for extra staff to help with summer, seasonal and holiday related work using Grafter. The process to join Grafter only takes a few minutes and we will send you short-term and summer jobs in your area. You can decide which ones are right for you and apply easily through the Grafter online service.

 Some of the industries looking for summer and seasonal workers include construction, landscaping, farming and warehouse work.

Not only does Grafter make finding summer holiday work easy, it also helps manage the process, including contracting and payment via the service so all the details of the job are captured and agreed up-front, including what you will get paid! After the job (or at suitable periods through the job e.g. weekly) employers then make a payment directly into your bank account using the service. This helps to avoid disagreement on what is owed after you have completed the job. With new seasonal, short term and even full-time jobs being created every day on Grafter it’s easy to find flexible holiday work to suit you. So, if you've got some time on your hands and want to earn some extra money go to the website at and load up your details.  Then let us do the hard graft to find you holiday work!