Why Grafter?

Grafter is a unique hiring service...

With Grafter you get free job posting, free access to view worker profiles & reviews, and it is free to engage in online chats with candidates. 

You only incur a small platform fee upon successfully booking or engaging a candidate. 

There are no exorbitant mark-ups or commission costs, and you won’t encounter any upfront posting fees before identifying the right person for the job.

Find and hire

At the core of Grafter is an excellent and low-cost service to help you find and hire great local people.

1. Post jobs and review candidate profiles for free. Profiles include reviews from past work to help you find the best candidates.

2. Search by postcode:Use our postcode search to find staff, workers trades and labour with are currently available and nearby.

3. Extensive UK network: Grafter has over 70,000 workers spanning the United Kingdom, providing access to a pool of people to fit your job requirements.

4. Intuitive user interface: Easy sorting and hiring workers with our user-friendly interface, designed to simplify the hiring process.

5. Free online chat: Chat with potential candidates online at no charge, allowing you to assess compatibility before committing to payment.

6. Flexible pricing options: A choice of a low monthly subscription or a convenient one-off fee, aligning with your budget and hiring needs. You can view the options here.


Optional Free Services

As well as helping you find great candidates, Grafter provides free optional services to help you manage the work.
warehouse worker

1. Online work agreements: You can set up an online work agreement with the person you have to record what was agreed in the job details, time plan, payment details and online chat conversations.

2. Secure payments and invoicing: Choose the convenience of paying workers online while receiving invoices from the workers through our platform, streamlining financial transactions for both parties.

3. Encouraging good work through reviews: Foster a culture of excellence by leaving constructive reviews. Your feedback not only guides workers but also contributes to building a community founded on trust and professionalism.

4. Effortless re-hiring: With a subscription you can maintain a list of your jobs and favourite workers. Simplify the process of re-hiring for ongoing projects, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy workforce for your needs.

Find out more...

You can find out more about how Grafter works here and read more about hiring with Grafter here or to start hiring with Grafter click this button and follow the simple steps:

Or if you are looking for work instead you can find out more here, or view some of our current jobs here. If you would like to get tailored jobs for your skills and location click here and set up your profile.: