Changing ways of working

How to find labourers

The best ways to find labourers

There are a number of ways to find labourers and workers for your business. As the world has become more ‘digital’ there are some new online ways to find labourers, as well as the more established and traditional ways. So what’s the best way to find labourers these days?
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Grafter workforce supply

How Grafter can help with workforce supply

Digital disruption in the construction industry is escalating rapidly, with new tech adoption changing fields such as BIM, advanced project management and even robotics. But one area which digitisation is transforming most notably, and with immediate effects, is in the construction workforce supply.
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Saving Time With ‘Countingup’

Countingup for Self-Employed

Time is precious, especially for people running a small business. To save time, many self-employed sole traders and landlords use their personal bank account for their business transactions. By doing this are creating problems down the line, which costs them even more time.  The reason for using a personal account is that it is often faster and much less hassle than opening a business account with a High Street bank but there is a better way...
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Reducing Temp Staff Costs

Reduce Your Temp Staff Costs with Grafter

Grafter uses a new model for hiring temporary workers which can dramatically reduce your temp staff costs. Grafter only charges as little as £20 to contact 3 people, where traditional temp agencies can charge anything up to 50%.
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Becoming a Self Employed Worker

Top Tips For Becoming Self Employed

If you're thinking of taking the plunge, read our guide on becoming a self-employed worker. Becoming self-employed is a huge step to take, it’s exciting, scary and everything in-between. There are a lot of things to consider when going self-employed, it’s okay to feel a little overwhelmed by it all. So, if you’re considering self-employment grab a coffee and spend five minutes reading our top tips.
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Overcoming Worker Shortages?

How Do Farms Overcome The Brexit Worker Shortage?

Brexit is happening, and whether you are for or against it, there is no denying that the result is having an impact on our economy. The farming sector has been struggling since the announcement in June 2016.  
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Finding Flexible Workers

Finding Flexible Workers Just Got A Lot Easier

Over 60,000 flexible workers sign up to Grafter! Two tech entrepreneurs launch Grafter a digital service bringing flexible workers to business. Grafter is a new and easy digital solution for businesses to rapidly engage project, short-term and seasonal workers. The concept was conceived by Tom and co-founded with Richard in June 2017.
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Flexible Work

It's Time For More Flexible Work!

Technology Is Fundamentally Changing Traditional Ways Of Working with more opportunity for flexible work. Look around you, how many of your peers are working in a traditional way these days, or how many of them are talking about making a change in the way they work?
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