Finding Flexible Workers

Finding Flexible Workers Just Got A Lot Easier

Over 60,000 flexible workers sign up to Grafter! Two tech entrepreneurs launch Grafter a digital service bringing flexible workers to business. Grafter is a new and easy digital solution for businesses to rapidly engage project, short-term and seasonal workers. The concept was conceived by Tom and co-founded with Richard in June 2017. Following a 156% overfunding raise in October 2017, Grafter has already attracted over 10,000 registered users, making finding flexible workers and finding flexible jobs a whole lot easier! With a range of skills and experience in technology, digital startups, business development and finance, the Founders also share a passion for building and property development which in turn helped shape their insights for the Grafter business. Tom recognised an opportunity when he tried to find people to shift concrete on a small building project. To his great frustration, he couldn’t find anybody to fulfil the job - despite knowing there were local people out there. A similar challenge was experienced by Richard so they resolved to tackle the problem together. Through further research, it became apparent that a large number of business sectors including farming and building required a faster route to find non-specialist workers. Coupled with the fact that flexible working has become a positive choice for millions of people - from millennials to the retired - the Grafter business was born. Grafter is designed for businesses seeking project, short-term or seasonal workers in building/construction, farming, landscaping, delivery, warehousing, leisure, events and factory/light industry and self-employed workers seeking flexible or short-term work that doesn’t demand qualified skills or past experience. As Tom explains, Grafter is fit for the demanding needs of business and workers both now and the future. “We recognise the way people want to work and the types of work available are changing rapidly. Grafter is the first digital service that engages all types of flexible workers with local business in just a few steps – making the process of finding work and workers, swift, cost-effective and trustworthy too”. Whether its labourers seeking their next building project, students looking for holiday income or older workers searching for gardening or driving work, Grafter offers a simple sign up process. ‘Grafters’ are able to upload their profiles detailing who they are, where they are located and what they are able to do. In the case of businesses seeking workers – Grafter offers a managed service including additional value-add services such as tracked messaging, digital contracting, reminder emails and a cashless payment system. In a fast growing culture of flexible working, Grafter is committed to supporting good practice and fair work. The service only allows jobs to be posted and priced at or above the minimum wage. The Grafter team is growing – focusing efforts on the brand and its global reach through digital marketing, PR, social media, events, partnerships and direct to market tactics. As true digital disrupters of the traditional employment marketplace, Grafter plans to amplify its platform in the future making the website a destination for additional services such as tax administration, accounting and a platform for charities to find volunteer workers. Hire your Grafters or get your Grafter profile client ready.