Finding Local Labour

Finding Local Labour Couldn’t Be Easier

Professional Builder Toolfair Success For Grafter. Last week we attended the Professional Builder Toolfair, where we got to meet a raft of clients and grafters and got some excellent feedback from all.

We spent most of 2017 developing the Grafter solution so meeting users face to face and understanding their needs really reinforced the unique nature of what we do – innovating a sector that has been slow to adopt technology.

From our discussions with builders, electricians and plumbers, it’s clear that the Grafter platform has some clear benefits compared to traditional way of finding people:

  • Grafters are often needed at short notice – needs arise for a variety of reasons from a job with a quick turnaround, sickness or just plain old last minute planning. With Grafter you’re able to find someone who can start tomorrow, however its always best to plan ahead.
  • Grafter promotes efficiency – when I sat my economics ‘A level in the dim and distant past this was called the ‘division of labour’. Essentially this means skilled trades focussing on skilled tasks and employing grafters to do the grafting
  • Scaling up is easy – More people can be brought in to deal with busy periods and they’re not standing around, wasting money when the project has progressed to a later stage. It’s not easy to keep labourers busy throughout the whole projec, however, using Grafter, they can move on to their next project either for you or someone else.
  • Local labour can easily be sourced – Its rare to find a project on your doorstep so if you have to travel across the city or the country, it doesn’t make sense to take your labourers with you. With Grafter, you can find labour local to the project site so you won’t need to pay for travel or accommodation.
  • Ease of access – With the Grafter service being online, you can use it anywhere you can get a mobile service. As the front seat of your van is your office most of the time. The Grafter service is a really valuable tool to sort out your labour needs wherever and whenever the need arises.

We’re always looking to improve the Grafter service so the Toolfair feedback was invaluable. But the best bit was helping so many businesses at the show find Grafters!

Let Grafter work for you.