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Grafter Supporting Hire A Hero

Support Is Everything……And That’s What A Grafter Does, Right? Grafters make the world go round, Grafters stick with projects from start to finish. They tackle issues with a ‘can do’ attitude. And offer support where you need it. 'The honourable profession of Grafting is a way of life. To be a Grafter you need to be self-motivated, a go-getter' *
For this reason, we are supporting the charity Hire A Hero, guided by Gerry Hill, who has 45 years military service experience. He realised, during his latter years within the forces, how important it is that service men and women are offered support on leaving the services after seeing first hand the problems they encountered. We want to help and champion ex-service personnel who, we think, have the best work attitude in the world. Grafters to the core. Without them, our world would be a very different place and we owe these champions everything. Hire a Hero supports Service Leavers and Veterans to make the successful transition into civilian life and Grafter has joined a network of like-minded businesses and partner organisations who want to make a positive difference to those who have served. Why are we supporting Hire A Hero? Here’s why, because on leaving the armed services:
  • 91% of the public believe those who have served have been mentally, emotionally or physically damaged
  • 92% of Service Leavers leave in good health
  • 48% of Early Service Leavers are unemployed six months after leaving
  • 58% of service personnel believe that most employers don’t understand them and won’t give them a chance
  • Only 8% of Service leavers are medically discharged
Our Hire a Hero partnership engages ex-service leaders with a broad range of flexible and part-time job opportunities to a variety of sectors including, building and construction, gardening and landscaping, driving, delivery, leisure and events all over the UK. Find out more about Hire A Hero To find a local Grafter to help with your projects click here or to find work with Grafter go here
*Urban dictionary