Labour Shortages In Landscaping

Addressing the shortage of landscaping workers

In recent years, we’ve heard a lot about labour shortages across the construction industry. There have been several initiatives put in place to encourage more workers to join the construction workforce, and while these are now bearing fruit, unfortunately there has been a negative knock-on impact on the landscaping sector. Landscaping workers are leaving the industry in favour of the construction sector, taking on more lucrative construction contracts that are being offered to ease the shortage in that area. This has left gaps in the landscaping market which companies are struggling to fill.

Brexit And The UK’s Macroeconomics

Worries about the possible implications of Brexit have led to an increasing scarcity of workers across the wider labour market. Workers from overseas are concerned about their future status post-Brexit in the UK and this has deterred many people from coming to the country from other parts of the EU which have traditionally supplied much of the landscaping workforce. The macroeconomics of the UK at the present time have also caused many workers to shun landscaping roles in favour of more lucrative opportunities.

Seeking landscaping workers

Not only are landscaping companies struggling to attract landscaping workers to vacant posts, they are even finding it increasingly difficult to attract the most skilled workers too. As the gap widens in the industry, landscaping businesses are wondering where to turn to find the right workforce to meet their needs. The answer could lie with Grafter.

Why Use Grafter?

Grafters come from all walks of life. While some are professional labourers, others are students or in between jobs. Some are simply keen to try something different. All are interested in finding short-term, temporary work and could be just what your landscaping business needs to address your landscaping workers shortage. The Grafter platform has been designed to make it easy for employers to find and hire the temporary workers that they need. Grafter ensures that the process of hiring and making payment is safe and secure, and with more than 20,000 registered workers all over the UK, finding the right workers for your needs is surprisingly easy. Even better, Grafter offers insurance, financial and legal services that make all engagements with workers secure, safe and simple to manage with no need for excessive paperwork! Grafters are self-employed, so there’s no need to deal with their tax reporting – saving you a major headache! Although you may want to rely on local contacts or on employment agencies to fill your landscaping workers gap, the Grafter platform is a much better choice. Not only can you find your workers easily and quickly, you’ll also be able to manage your projects conveniently through your Grafter dashboard. Work is agreed with Grafters with just a basic online contract and there’ll be no fees or additional costs until the work is completed successfully. Meanwhile, you can be confident that your workers will have fully verified ID and that they are covered by insurance – what could be more reassuring than that? Try the Grafter platform today to find the landscaping team that you need to plug the labour gap in your industry. If you are looking for work, and interested in landscaping, join Grafter here to start finding new opportunities.