How to find skilled labour for the construction market

Businesses that work within the construction market face more challenges than most when it comes to finding staff. Sourcing workers with the necessary skills in a quickly changing work environment that often runs through periods of extremely high demand, can leave companies in a tough spot. Paying for qualified workers on a full time basis can be expensive, and once the project ends or work dries up it can mean that their services are no longer required, but their salary may still need to be paid. 

To tackle work demands in an ever-changing landscape, construction companies often turn to casual or temporary labour to supplement their crews. While this can remove the financial burden of paying for unneeded staff, it can also bring problems with things like reliability and the capabilities of individual workers. Finding people when skills are in high demand can be problematic and with a decreasing pool of available candidates, things may become even tougher for those businesses who operate in the construction industry. 

Building companies frustrated with the staffing situation are trying different approaches to expand their search for labour and source quality workers who can work alongside or supplement their existing crews. Finding suitable staff with the required skill set can not only boost the existing workforce but it can help to manage events like employee turnover, seasonal fluctuations, and peak construction periods.

How online platforms can help to source people

Faced with target problem of finding labourers, construction companies are turning to recruitment and staffing experts for help. While this can be somewhat useful, these specialised agencies are often limited by the number of available workers on their books and can charge high fees for providing temporary staffing services. Depending on the quality of their employee screening, the staff that they provide may or may not have the training or skills required for specific projects. 

A more elegant and viable solution employed by forward-thinking construction businesses is that of online recruitment sites. These gig-based platforms can connect companies with workers using a portal or interface that allows things such as work history, past experience, and skills to be reviewed to identify suitable candidates. Viable labourers can then be contracted on a temporary or short-term basis to fulful business needs. 

Using an online platform like Grafternow to hire dependable construction workers can open up a range of hiring options and allow businesses to connect with workers who are looking for specific roles or gigs. With less people entering the construction industry and older workers retiring, this can be helpful for small and mid-sized companies where workers are expected to perform multiple tasks or be adaptable and versatile. 

Potential candidates can be reviews and even chatted with directly to learn more about their past work history and personality. It also gives the hiring company an opportunity to see reviews and ratings earned from past gigs and jobs that have been left by other businesses. As part of the hiring process, things like CIS registration and CSCS cards are checked automatically and remove the hassle from things like rate calculations. 

Online contract can be easily set up and prevent miscommunications and misunderstandings that may derail the recruitment of self-employed labourers, and ID and tax status checks are completed. Payments are handled simply and securely and a flexible fee schedule allows companies to choose the option that best suits their needs. Connect with workers using our free online messaging system and assess suitability before making a commitment. 

For cost effective hiring and sourcing suitable construction labourers sign up for a free account with Grafternow and post a job, view candidate profiles and read reviews, all at no cost.