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We’re excited to have processed over 3,500 new jobs through Grafter! The Grafter network has been built to help businesses source project and short-term staff in a multitude of different roles. From hands-on building and construction work through to office based roles, Grafter offers a whole host of work opportunities. Contrary to what you might think, we don’t only find labourers, nor are we a one-off task force. To demonstrate the variety of grafter opportunities on offer and explain what sets Grafter apart from other job websites, here are our ten favourite recent roles.

Different jobs in different venues

With employers from a wide range of industries across the country, they need workers for a whole host of activities at a variety of venues. As well as some particularly niche role titles, such as ‘Fire Stoppers’, ‘App Promotion Staff’, ‘Smart Pair of Hands’ and ‘Dropped Kerb Installation’, the Grafter network has seen some exciting work venues in the past year. Here is our top ten jobs so far:
  1. Crepe Chef: a role for a grafter who likes to be public facing . This 2 day job involved making crepes on demand at a festival and needed someone who was not only prepared to get stuck in but also have some fun with the customers.
  2. Embroiderer: we told you we didn’t just source labourers! Workers of all skills can search for jobs via the Grafter community. This particular role was embroidering on uniforms - great for freelancers looking to gain experience or simply as a sideline job.
  3. Wedding Helper: this role asked for someone to help with various things throughout the big day. Duties included drink refills, clearing, setting up and lighting name a few! Like all big events, unexpected jobs come up at weddings so it’s great to have an extra pair of hands around to help make sure all goes smoothly for the bride and groom.
  4. Florist: this sector has particular peaks of activity across the year and valentine’s day is a mad rush for florists. We helped a local florist source extra driving and delivery resource to help meet this spike in demand.
  5. Yard Hand: the perfect job for horse lovers - a temporary yard hand job is a brilliant money earner for those who love being outside, don’t mind getting their hands dirty and aren’t afraid of horses or their output!.
  6. Knotweed Removal: Japanese knotweed is a real bind for all gardeners, farmers and property developers and whilst removing it is a specialist task it does involve a lot of hard graft. More hands make light work and so a helping hand to get the job done is money well spent.
  7. Lettings Negotiators: when the rental market is busy, estate agents sometimes need extra staff to assist with viewings and negotiating. With training on offer this employer was looking for a people person able to close deals and take deposit payments.
  8. Campervan Renovation: this employer was looking for someone at short notice to help out with their latest project. Grafters needed to have good measuring and cutting skills, fit insulation, plastic sheeting and canvas cloth to make the van weather proof.
  9. Art Mover: from the workshop to an art exhibition. The employer asked for an art mover to help with wrapping artwork and loading onto their van before unloading and loading into the storage facility. Experience of handling delicate artworks of fragile materials was desired but not essential.
  10. Solar Installation: more people and businesses are investing in this green source of energy and this job on the sunny south coast of England asked for a labourer to fit solar panels at various properties in the Portsmouth area.

The Grafter Network - what is it

Businesses and event teams often need staff for projects or temporary periods to cover seasonal surges in business. If you’ve ever looked for project workers or short-term, temporary staff in the past, you’ve probably found this through word of mouth, or your own network. This has been the most reliable way of finding quality workers that you can trust will be professional but with the lowest unemployment in years finding workers is increasingly difficult. Until now there hasn’t existed a structured, simple and quick means of sourcing workers. You wouldn’t look on LinkedIn and recruitment agencies are expensive. Job boards are too slow. So what are your other options? ‘Task’ apps aren’t ideal because you’re looking for someone available for more than a few hours and to do more than a task. Enter the Grafter Community of employers and workers….Our employers and grafters list and look for jobs in Construction, Farming and Landscaping, Industry and Business, Leisure and Events, Driving and Removal and others.

Grafter now have over 18,000 registered grafters and employers and have processed over 3500 jobs. Join the Grafter network today to receive local alerts and industry news.