Effective Staff Hiring

How to find labourers

The best ways to find labourers

There are a number of ways to find labourers and workers for your business. As the world has become more ‘digital’ there are some new online ways to find labourers, as well as the more established and traditional ways. So what’s the best way to find labourers these days?
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Grafter workforce supply

How Grafter can help with workforce supply

Digital disruption in the construction industry is escalating rapidly, with new tech adoption changing fields such as BIM, advanced project management and even robotics. But one area which digitisation is transforming most notably, and with immediate effects, is in the construction workforce supply.
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Avoid Expensive Agencies

Avoid Expensive Agencies with Hidden Mark-up!

The problem with a traditional temp agency is that there is a very high overhead in managing the jobs. Especially relatively to the value of short-term work. A temp agency has to employ lots of people to call around to find and organise the worker. The staff have to manage contracts and all the other paperwork.
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London labourers pay

Rates of pay for labourers in London

It’s important that your jobs are listed with a wage that reflects the appropriate rate of pay for the profession in question. You should also take into account other factors such as location, experience and any further qualifications that the desired applicant needs to have.
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How to run a business on Black Friday

Temporary staff for Black Friday

If you run a retail business the growing trend for Black Friday temporary staff top handle the extra load will be an important part of your annual business cycle.  Just like pumpkin spiced lattes, Black Friday is another of the USA’s imports onto this fair isle.
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