Level-up your short-term staffing

Finding short-term staffing easily

Finding short-term workers to help manage heavy workloads or handle large projects requires a dependable solution if a company is to effectively manage its obligations. 

For those businesses that depend on short-term staff, the process of finding, hiring, and retaining reliable help can pose a challenge, with unreliable workers and an uncertain level of dependability. 

Skilled workers can be in short supply, especially those that operate in areas such as:

This leaves businesses of all sizes with the issue of how to source responsible skilled workers to fulfil contracts and perform the required work. 

Traditional temporary hiring model

In the traditional model, temporary workers are supplied by a specialised agency that has a bank of available workers. They are usually employed by the agency and are paid by them as contractors with firms charging a fee for the provision of labour. 

One of the biggest drawbacks of this model is that there is no control over the temporary workers hired in terms of assessing skill sets and capabilities. The employer must rely on the chosen agency to provide qualified individuals. 

While using temp workers may help companies to reduce short term costs, it can take new operatives time to become familiar with the companies business processes. For agencies that rapidly rotate different workers through open positions, this can result in lower productivity due to unfamiliarity with the work or project.

In addition, temporary workers that frequently change might cause issues with existing staff.  Existing employees can become frustrated by the constant need for training and retraining to provide temps with the skills needed to perform the work.

Are there advantages to using temp labour?

Along with an immediate reduction and the ability to closely manage short term expenses, there are some obvious benefits to hiring temporary labour. Flexing staffing levels quickly up and down in accordance with work requirements can maintain output and keep production at optimal levels. 

Using temp staff can also provide business leaders with the ability to test out a potential employee's skills before committing to hiring them for a permanent role. Well trained staff may even be able to fill a gap in your current skill set by having needed capabilities and qualifications. 

With staff available immediately, it can help companies minimise the expense associated with HR departments that need to advertise, hire, and on-board new employees. 

Is there a better way to manage temporary staffing?

With the ability to connect globally and manage hiring processes online, hiring temporary staff is undergoing a number of changes. Platforms have sprung up that allow organisations to log in and select required workers instantly. 

This can make the process of engaging skilled employees simple, safe and secure. 

While temp agencies serve a purpose, online hiring further streamlines and builds a number of automated functions into the hiring process. This can bring wider availability of staff that can manage everything from personal DIY projects to large scale projects. 

For companies seeking temporary help for skilled work like building, maintenance, and warehousing, web-based services like Grafter provide verified and ID checked workers while handling things like work agreements and invoicing or payment tracking electronically. 

While temp agencies can supply part time or seasonal staff, moving to an online provider further reduces the risk of changing or fluctuating staff as profiles can be browsed and selections made directly by the hiring company. Effectively bridging the gap between agency, employer, and employee.

Instead of the selected worker being sent to the job site by the agency, employers have the ability to reach thousands of workers at once and hand pick the best qualified. 
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