Self-assessment deadline

Everything you need to know about the upcoming tax return deadline

As the self assessment tax return deadline for 2019 is looming, you may have some questions about what this all means, how and if it affects you at all. The subject of taxes can be a daunting and confusing one
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Farm Safety

How dangerous is farming?

Charlotte Smith covered a campaign on the need to improve farm safety back in the late 90s, and yet yesterday she returned to cover the topic again on BBC Radio 4. Since then, actions have been taken to improve farm safety but the statistics aren’t changing. Farming is still the most dangerous job going. And we were reminded of that by the recent fatality of Broughshane farmer, James Gibson.
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How to run a business on Black Friday

Temporary staff for Black Friday

If you run a retail business the growing trend for Black Friday temporary staff top handle the extra load will be an important part of your annual business cycle.  Just like pumpkin spiced lattes, Black Friday is another of the USA’s imports onto this fair isle.
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Supporting Hire A Hero

Grafter Supporting Hire A Hero

Support Is Everything……And That’s What A Grafter Does, Right? Grafters make the world go round, Grafters stick with projects from start to finish. They tackle issues with a ‘can do’ attitude. And offer support where you need it.
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Finding Local Labour

Find Local Labour Easily With Grafter

Professional Builder Toolfair Success For Grafter. Last week we attended the Professional Builder Toolfair, where we got to meet a raft of clients and grafters and got some excellent feedback from all.

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Efficient Temp Staff

How Temp Staff can Help at Christmas

Do you need temp staff for Christmas? It’s no secret that Christmas keeps us all busy. The last thing we need in the month of December is more work to keep us from our family and friend commitments. The reality is that Christmas isn't getting any quieter for business and the need for extra facilities is higher than ever.

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